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Welcome to
Old Solis

This map represents the original design of Solis. Over the years, it has changed dramatically. We provide this map to show you the amount of detail and effort put into the project over the last 10 to 15 years. The city spans a river, so we have presented both the east and west banks of the city. As you see, we abandoned the project in favor of the new Solis before completing this one......

To save the large versions of each image tile, select the save to disk option when you have the mouse over the tile of interest. This map is copyright and may be reproduced for personal use only. Please do not use it commercially, and always quote the source if you put it or any of its parts on your web pages. Sorry, each image tile is about 40k, and there are 48 of them!! OR, download the LEFT and RIGHT halves - highly jpegged but still 600kb each!!

  All images and text copyright 2000
Permission is granted for personal use only.