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The Trouble with Galen Bar

"The trouble with Galen Bar" Malice started, "is that he has lost his fear." He stared at Trivitt Blain, collections officer for the prosperous Moneybelt district that bordered what passed as high town in this accursed city.

"No fear, no payment. Isn't that right, Blain?"

Blain said not a word, but his scheming mind was working overtime, and sweat beaded his brow.

"Well, lads," continued Malice, " I happen to have here a rather useful map at my disposal, showing our good friend Galens home and castle, over on Cash Street." He motioned to three of the better housebreakers sat in the meeting room. "Go make good the discrepancy, lads. The vault is marked, and we seem to have a way in too, if Blains quill-boy is to be believed". Another knowing stare at the now downbeat Blain.

Javis Gan took the map from Malice with a smirk. He knew the way to play this one, he had done Malices' bidding oft before. Just had to find another horses head before tonight, nice and fresh, maybe one eye gouged out and left staring from the piles of coin and notes of promise. They would have no more trouble with Galen Bar after tonight.

Now all is not what it seems at the house of Galen Bar, and Trivitt Blain knows it all too well. No horses head left in the money pile would make Galen regain his fear of the Guild. No intimidation or threats, no suggestions of deeds most horrid, no nothing. For Galen Bar is no more a money lender and extortioner. He is simply dead. And has been for a few weeks now. And if you were to look real close at Trivitt Blain, you might notice a bit more jewelry on his fat little fingers than usual, a new cut to his cloth or a few more coin in his pouch. For Trivitt Blain has had Galen Bar killed, and now he fears for his own life, for no one outwits black hearted Malice, heir apparent to the dark throne of Underground Solis.

The map is more or less accurate. Alas there is a big pile of logs stacked over the trap door in the outhouse, and shifting it is out of the question. So another way in is needed, horses head and all. Take a look around and about. The buildings nearby provide ample vantage points and can be climbed easily with rope and grapple. The gaps between buildings are small enough to jump (well, just about) and from the higher roof near by, a small skylight can be seen in the rear of the tower where it joins the main roof. With no map of the upper floor, the footpads will have to be extra vigilant as they make their way to the vault. The place now houses a couple of Blains boys who are not Guild members, and the rest of Galens family are locked in the cellar below the kitchen (not marked on the map). Picking the vault lock should be tricky but not impossible - play up the situation, make the sweat drip! Once inside, the horse head can be left staring from the money pile. Now Malice didn't say to take anything, did he? But he didn't say not too either! Get my drift, Nightboys?

Can Trivitt get away with this one? how long before Malice finds out? Will it matter to him anyway? If Trivitt pays the dues, Malice might let him continue his new career. We will just have to wait and see now, wont we.....

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