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Beneath the Ruins

click for large scale mapBeneath the Old Tower, where the water lies dark and stagnant, all manner of the Created lurk. These natural flooded caverns were worked and fashioned into great experimental pools by the mage, using the powers of the creatures he had created and others he had summoned up.

But that was a long time ago. The great bars and brazen valves that served to contain his bizarre creations have long since corroded and buckled, allowing these dark denizens to roam free.

A great Dark Tree has sent roots down into the caverns, its foliage covering the great grill that once blocked the entrance to these pools. Anyone foolish enough to venture down here is likely to be hunted by the lithe, writhing roots and sapling branches that proliferate in these somewhat magical waters.

The Dark Tree shares its home with other fell beasts, strange turtles with stoney shells and the powers of regeneration, fish that breathe air and can crawl on land, snake like things with powerful limbs grafted onto their scaled bodies that slip through the shadowy waters and attack with lightning speed.

A second deeper pool held a terrible creature in its murk, dark and dangerous. It now hunts the pools and backwaters around this isolated hold, but still returns and lairs in the safety of the cavernous pools here. What it is, no-one knows and those unfortunate to have disturbed it have not lived to describe it.

The wooden walkways that allowed access to store rooms and stairs are now badly rotten and very dangerous. However, the Mages store rooms hold treasures worth risking life and limb for. Magical aparatus, exotic spell components and unique books detailing his terrible experiments with aquatic life would command a great price on the secret markets of the spellweavers and magisters of this land.


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