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Deadlands Trails
For the Deadlands Wierd West Roleplaying Game

Prepared by the state carto-graffers in accordance with and beholdin' to the rules, regulations and statutory limitations befitin' our great nation. All due care has been taken to ensure, wherever possible (with the exception of the Injun plagued lands), that the informatics and geographical references pertaining to actual locations are indeed correct.

Note1, the technical staff cannot be held responsible for for mishap, misdirecton, misplacement, broken wagons, lost scouting parties, dissapearance of Redneck hanging parties and possies (acting within the confines of the law or without), loss of entire cavalry divisions or huge wagon trains.

Note 2, the actual trails are NOT demarked by dashed lines on the prairie floor, but are for diagramatic and illustrative purposes only (see note 1 above).

  All images and text copyright 2001
Permission is granted for personal use only.