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  Oriental RPG resources mainly murder


A selection of resources from the Far East

  • Lijiang Old Town. A beautiful town high on the plains of the north, watched over by the Jade Dragon who is reputed to live at the peak of the mist covered Snow Mountain that bears his name. Lijiang is a place of twisting alleyways, open plazas and burbling streams.
  • Hill Village. A rundown place high in the hills overlooking the Great Lake.
  • Dali Old Town. The most important city in the Lake of Tears region and home to the Palace of Lord Zhou Kai Sun
  • The Lake Town. North of Dali, on the shore of the Great Lake.
  • Black Dragon Temple. Home to a secretive religeous sect in Lijiang, set amid beautiful gardens and ponds on the slopes of the Lotus Mount.
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge. A spectacular gorge on the Yangtze river where the Tiger Lord jumped the chasm and leapt to the rescue of his village and into the anals of myth and legend.
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. An unclimbed mountain that looms over old Lijiang Town, said to be the home of the fabled Jade Dragon who is protector of the Province



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