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Updated 28 June 2000
This is Rich on a GOOD day

Since we have been painting for about 20 years we felt it was about time we passed on some of our techniques! We have experimented with all manner of media, from oil through enamel to acrylic and everything in between, adding inks, water colours and gauche just for a bit of flavor! We have more or less settled on pot acrylics, and all the techniques here relate to them, unless we specify otherwise. While we don't think we are the best painters in the world (by quite a way....) we do think we are pretty good! Let us know what you think. Your feedback would be appreciated.


Techniques and areas covered

citadel arabian knight

Details of paints, brushes, accessories, cleaning old figures, making dioramas and displays may be added later too!

I am currently using Vallejo Acrylics (Game Color) and Daler-Rowney Sapphire Sable/synthetic mix brushes. Oh, and Tamiya flat black and flat brown XF1 and XF10 for undercoats.

You can buy the Osprey Publishing book on figure painting from Amazon in the UK or USA - Click the flag to jump straight to the book!   

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