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Music to play during your games sessions

We spent some time evaluating different music to play while running our games sessions. We came up with quite a few CDs that fit into Fantasy sessions very well, and a few for Sci-Fi settings. With a bit of trial and error, we managed to compile CDs for specific adventures. Judicious use of the cd remote control allowed us to play atmospheric tracks at exactly the right time. The first time I did this with a hidden CD player, the players nearly jumped out of their skins!.

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  • Gladiator - Great soundtrack without too much variation in theme, meaning we play it on repeat in the background.
      Buy the Original CD.
      Also available, 'more music from Gladiator'
  • Conan the Barbarian - A useful CD to play for those barbaric moments, battles and high tension scenes.
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  • Blade Runner - The Vangelis version (rather than the orchestral version) is ideal for playing in the background during near-future sci-fi games. Remember to edit out the track 'just one kiss' as it spoils the mood!
      Buy the CD
  • Legends of the Fall. A brooding soundtrack I like to use a lot, especially for tension or horror scenes.
      Buy the CD
  • Merlin, The soundtrack from the BBC dramatisation is surprisingly good.
      Buy the CD of the BBC series
  • Last of the Mohicans, A very Irish sounding soundtrack, ideal for 7th Sea games.
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Some awesome albums with no relationship to Roleplaying:

  • Best of Bruce Dickinson, A special 2 disk version of the Best Of album. Worth it for 'Jerusalem - Live' alone.
      Buy the Special Edition CD
  • Blackfoot - Highwaysong (LIVE) Fabulous southern boogie. blues 'n' rock in the vein of Molly Hatchet and CCR.
      Buy the CD
  • /B00005RTDD
  • Operation Livecrime - DVD vsrsion of Mindcrime, the BEST album EVER made.
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